The DJ’s playing for the Acid bash livestream party have one job: mix music with Acid in it. This turns it into a multigenre livestream party with lots of variety. With this concept the DJ’s can let their creativity flow freely and perform an inspired set. We want to see that livingroom party getting started. 

How Acid Bash!💥 started

Acid Bash!💥 did not start as a livestream party. Acid Bash! originated from the persistent dream of wanting to organize parties with Simbiosis Studio and the fact Naadt wanted to book Pierrot the Acid Clown and get him to the Netherlands. This all became a reality on May 25 (2019) when the first edition of Acid Bash!💥 took place!
An event where the new school acid sound mashes up with the oldskool acid sound. If the music has acid we will bring it to you! The party people were taken away to the old era and then brought back to right here and now. The night was finished off by Pierrot the Acid Clown who did a smashing two hour live hardware set.
At the moment it’s a livestream party we broadcast from our own home music studio every two months. 

Acid Bash! Live stream party - watch DJ sets of previous editions

The live stream is broadcasted to Twitch. We understand not everybody can tune in live, so we also record the DJ sets or live performance and upload it to our Youtube channel a few weeks after. This way everybody can enjoy these delicious acid music sets when and where they want to. 

Upcoming Acid Bash!💥 livestream party: October 8, 2022!

On the next Acid bash livestream party, Naadt and Melymnia will each perform a DJ set. Prepare for some bangerssss! 

Will you be on the line-up for the next live stream?

We’re always looking for new talent and right now we are planning our live streams for the year 2023. If you’d like to play a DJ set or liveset at our next live stream we would love it if you sign up!